Manu Mei-Singh Manu Mei-Singh
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“As Mrs. Vreeland and Jean talked to each other in a conspiratorial way…, I became what I would always be,…a kid loving the smell of their adhesion. How did people talk the way that Jean-Michel was talking to Mrs. Vreeland now, in the utter privacy of their souls, and yet in public, for all the world to see? To talk to myself, even, I had to turn off the lights, as in a cinema.” -- Hilton Als, White Girls
Generative Art, made by lines and colors of white, red orange and turquise
Asian American Writer's Workshop Page turner Festival Postcard.

A quote from the book White Girls, by Hilton Als.
generative art, 2016.
Postcard for the Page Turner Festival.

A pattern made in 2014
A photo of a compost bin with the words forever inside
Promotonal image for the Challenging Male Supremacy Project

Pattern for my 2014 portfolio.
A photograph of our Compost Box.
A sample piece of the Challening Male Supremacy Project branding.

Poster for the Confronting Racial Captialism: The Black Radical tradition & cultures of Liberation
A large scale art work on paper about moment into a different class

Poster for Confronting Racial Capitalism: The Black Radical Tradition & Cultures of Liberation
A large work on paper called Middle Class